Chew Gum In Class

Chew Gum In Class

Chewing NeuroGum when in class, or anywhere!, is the single best way to fuel your mind, focus, body, and expand your mental capabilities.

Backed By Science!

Our bodies need the right fuel to perform at it’s best, so do our brains! We all know caffeine is amazing at kick starting our brains, it’s the first thing we drink in the morning, we’ll have shots of it throughout the day, and take a look at that chocolate you have in the evening – yup, there’s a little caffeine in that magical nibble too! I think a lot of us would main-line coffee to keep us powered throughout the day if we could but is that all we need?

Boost Brain Power All Day Long

The morning coffee eventually wears off and while it’s great at helping you stay awake, it doesn’t make you smarter. The proprietary blend of Caffeine, L-theanine, B6 and B12 vitamins in Neurogum has have been scientifically shown to boost attention and enhance focus. And you can use it all day long!


But Gum?

Say Bye-Bye to the jitters, anxiety and upset tummy associated with your afternoon latte. Kent & Ryan worked together to create the ultimate, all natural, brain boosting gum that specifically helps you  perform your best, each and every day. And it’s GUM. It’s the perfect way to feed your brain all day long without high-fructose energy drinks, heart palpitating energy shots and it freshens your breath! All at the same time!

Gum is the ideal way to deliver the special brain boosting formula to keep you calm and  mentally focused ALL. DAY. LONG. So you can tell Mrs. Peabody that chewing gum in class is the best way to learn!

Featured in The New Yorker, Time Magazine, Dr. Oz, and More!

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