17 Foods That Bloat

It seems like everything we eat today makes us bloated! It doesn’t seem to matter if the “powers that be” think it’s good for you, or it will help me feel healthy, if it makes me bloat, I don’t wanna eat it! Here are the worst offenders. Get them off your grocery list or (and this is just for y’all!) learn how to cook them so they don’t result in belly inflating painful gas!
  1. pizza (fat and salt)
  2. canned soup (sodium)
    alcohol – slow’s digestion and can cause you to retain water. hydrate to counteract
  3. cruciferous vegetables,
  4. cauliflower,
  5. broccoli,
  6. kale,
  7. cabbage, (bc affinose and fructan content)
  8. seltzer bc it injects air into the belly
  9. diet sodas – in addition, the artificial sweetners can trigger madness
  10. raw spinach, chopped, in smoothies, or sauteed in some olive oil
  11. onions, contain fructans which are hard to breakdown
  12. protein bars – many contain soybeans and they are the magical fruit!
  13. dried fruit – if you have fructose malabsorption, it can be challenging breakdown. Choose fresh over dried
  14. button mushrooms, contain polyols, surgar alcohols which are hard to digest.
  15. artificial sweeteners. they are, by design, not digestible which satisfies your sweet tooth but can stretch your belly! Sort of the opposite of a zero calorie treat no?
  16. Beans and lentils, more of thos oligosaccharides (the indigestible sugars).
    dairy products – most of us are lactose intolerant and that’s a sure-fire way to bloat your belly! Not to mention all the pus… icky!
  17. milk alternatives – look out for carrageenan which is often used to thicken milk alternatives. This can lead to inflammation, bloating, and other gastrointestinal issues